*NEW* Class Schedule

This will be the year of exciting new discoveries, new experiences, new friendships anrumi7d new light!  We are a company that is about creating positive energy in a family like atmosphere where connections are made and last through lifetimes!  We are in the process of updating our calendar for 2016 workshops and have some very exciting events planned!  This year we will have many special guests and of course our huge Carmen’s Banquet Center Event “You Are The Light” .

The calendar is up for January beginning with a class tomorrow evening “Introduction to Angel and Oracle Card Reading”.  There are many more amazing events being scheduled for February so check the calendar next week for the whole Spring line up!  Angel-Praying

Please remember there is no outdoor meditation this evening. 

We hope to see you at many events and classes this year!  Always call or text to register as far in advance as you are able.  Walk in and last minute will be accommodated if we are able,  but always call to confirm before venturing out. 905 385 7251 to reach the store 905 870 6500 for text.



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  1. Can I just attend Friday night’s class or do I have to pre-book? I might be on the list, not sure
    Nancy MacRae

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