*NEW DATE* Everything Aura Certification Course Starting Tuesday August 7th, 2012

Everything Aura ~ Aura Certification Course

Instructor ~ Rhonda Pavlovich

Starting Tuesday August 7, 2012 7pm; we will be offering our Everything Aura Certification Course

This will be the first in a seven-in-a-row series that will tie in with our Crystal Healing ~ Power Crystals For The Chakras Series which started this June 2012.  These are two different certification classes that run simultaneously over the next 7 months, winding up in December 2012.  For those of you who missed the beginning of the Crystal Healing Course ~ Power Crystals For The Chakras , there will be a make up class for those of you who missed the first one just text Rhonda (905-870-6500) for details on the date and time.

There will be classes running for seven months, twice in August and once a month, from September 2012 to December 2012. Each month we will discuss another aspect of Auras, Healing, Chakras and Colour Therapy/working with auras.  Special for October’s Class, we will teach you an introduction to a very powerful healing method called Aura Massage.

This will be an intensive class covering many of the aspects of healing that can be tied into different healing modalities that are taught here at White Flame Company, including Reiki and Crystal Healing.

The first is an introductory class touching on the vast world of auras. Learn the latest technological advancements in Aura Imaging, see an Aura Reading in progress. Learn what the different colours of your Aura mean and how these colours affect your energy, vitality, mood, health and stability. Learn how to cleanse and heal your Auric Field. Experiment with different crystals and stones and learn how their energies can affect your Aura (and actually see this in real-time on our Aura Imaging system). Includes colour therapy guided meditation. Throughout this certification course we will focus on Auric Massage, How to feel, sense and see Auras, Aromatherapy for The Chakras, Colour Healing For The Chakras, Celtic Herbalism for the Chakras and the origin and Ancient Studies of the Chakras.

Chakras can influence and affect our body shape, physical ailments, behaviour, thoughts and emotions…wouldn’t it be great to understand how these influences can be honed and guided to affect a total healing that will benefit your body, mind and spirit on a cellular level? We will be introducing you to Heartmath and you will be learning how to use different relaxation and breathing techniques to synchronize your heart and brain waves, helping to further balance your chakras and expand your auric field. We will be working with our state of the art Aura Imaging System to show you live time on a large screen how our chakras can be balanced and affected by healing modalities such as reiki.

We will integrate mantras, meditations, and affirmations as we coach you on specifics of how to bring these healing techniques to your friends, family and clients. We will custom create programs together with you one on one to help you best work with these healing modalities in your life. If you are currently a holistic healing practitioner (reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy) we will help you to integrate all of the information you will receive in these workshops into your existing healing modality.

Cost for this certification can be broken down into monthly payments. The first class will be $60.00 which will include your “before” aura photo. Each class thereafter will be $40.00. You can save and prepay the entire course for $280.00.

This will be a small and intimate class so please register early. Spaces will fill up and sell out. This is a great course!

Call to book 905-385-7251

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