Creators of premium wax products, fragrance, personal care and spa products, White Flame Company is a Canadian family owned business. We still honour the ancient art of candle making – our Candles, both scented and unscented, are hand poured using cutting edge industry advancements by our founder & Master Chandler, Ron Pavlovich and  training to follow in his footsteps, his daughter Rhonda.1-Rustic-Vintage-Decor

Originally located in a circa 1915 apiary, Pavlovich Place opened in 1977.  This family business became well loved in its community and continues today as White Flame Company.  Customers, family and friends, became a part of the culture at Pavlovich Place. To this day customers still recall the beautifully renovated and restored three story wood “barn” that was like taking a step back into history.  Hand finished right down to hand polished barn board panelling with old original square nails Pavlovich Place was a one of a kind experience. Pavlovich Place was one of the few Ontario specialists in antique lighting, people came from a variety of locations to source this rare service of parts and restoration. Still an exclusive area of the antique world, Ron continues to provide this service to White Flame customers. 

We have brought many of the charming and traditional elements of Pavlovich Place with us to White Flame Company, though we do miss the atmosphere and the history of our roots to this day. Tradition was everything to the customers and friends of Pavlovich Place. Each Christmas would see an Open House that took a journey back in time, with hot cider and Granny’s home-made cookies served by the fire, every year the entire shop would take on a different theme from Victoriana to Rustic. White Flame customers will reminisce about these memorable occasions. We continue this tradition today but with a little different flavour… In 1990, we started creating hand-made candles, a natural link to antique lighting!

Ron Pavlovich is one of less than a handful of Certified Master Chandlers in the world, his daughter will be joining him in his craft having completed 19 levels and is now a Certified Chandler aiming for her Master’s Level. White Flame was the name of a (now defunct) 1860 Lamp Company out of the U.S. We liked it and used the name for our lamp oil. Eventually it became our new company name! 

Continuous research and experimentation supports White Flame Company’s reputation as true innovators in the industry. The custom colours and scents developed with interior designers, fragrance companies and chemists are only available from White Flame! White Flame Company is a proud member of the International Guild Of Candle Artisans.  We have been honoured to make candles for such prominent people as former US President Bill Clinton, actress Sophia Loren and Laurie Cabot of Salem Massachusetts.

We carry Hamilton’s largest selection of battery operated candles – many are actual wax pillars with LED lights that are safe, eco-friendly, long lasting and very hard to tell from the real thing!

Did you know we have one of the largest collections of semi-precious stones & crystals in Ontario? An assortment of over 2800 stones including one-of-a-kind pendants,  pyramids, bowling ball sized rainbow obsidian, crystal balls and one of the largest collections of “Lemurian Seed” crystals from tiny to over two feet long!

We also carry Meditation CDs and accessories, Tarot decks, Books, Statuary (Angels, Fairies, Saints, Mythology, Egyptian…), wonderful Native Medicines product line featuring 28% real essential oil (Sage, Sweetgrass, Lavender or Cedar), First Nations Dreamcatchers, Spirit Wheels, carvings, gifts and medicines, complete smudging packages, huge selection of incense, resins and our handcrafted Smudging Blend incense, Antiques & Home Decor, Jewellery…Workshops, Angel Stone Readings, Health & Wellness offered and taught at all levels.


Our Family
Anne Pavlovich

AnneAnne is the contact between our passion and the rest of the world (she is also Ron’s wife & Rhonda’s Mom) – Anne takes care of the details in the office that keep things running smoothly in the shop. She is a big supporter of both her communities – Hamilton and Haldimand.

White Flame Company sells to wholesale & corporate accounts worldwide, as well as supporting various fundraising and charity efforts including Bursary of Hope For Autism, Cancer Assistance Program, St. Joseph’s Hospital, The Good Shepherd, Mississaugas Of The New Credit (Anishnabek) and Six Nations Of The Grand River (Haudenosaunee).

Rhonda Pavlovich

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Rhonda is the daughter of owners Ron and Anne Pavlovich. Platinum award winner 2015, 2016, and is nominated for 2017. She has appeared on CHCH TV many times for her knowledge of Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Herb Lore and as a spiritual instructor./counsellor.

Rhonda’s spiritual path began even before birth, while still in the womb, a clairvoyant informed her mother that the child she carried would have gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  As was foretold, Rhonda developed a love of all things mystical and wellness related at a very young age.

Blending her own Aromatherapy essential oil creations at the age of 12,  Rhonda developed a passion for creating custom fragrances and continues this craft, both for White Flame Company, and for select private label clients.  

With a background in Sociocultural Anthropology,  Rhonda developed a love of spiritual customs from around the globe and medicinal folklore, like her Grandfather before her,  she loves working with plants that heal, she incorporates this knowledge, history and passion into all of the products she creates.

The Pavlovich family in Russia dates back to being one of the families with physicians providing healing services for the Czar. Rhonda is proud to carry on the family tradition of healing services right here at White Flame Company. A Master Healer in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition of Reiki, and in Crystal Healing, Rhonda teaches all levels of Healing in a private setting and combines this with a unique variety of alternative healing techniques from around the globe.

Rhonda has recorded two Crystal Healing & Guided Meditation DVDs and a DVD on Developing Your Intuition. Crystal Ascension, A Guided Meditation CD for Crystal Healing with Michael Moon was released.  This unique Cd helps to assist people who wish to bring meditation to their daily lives and features the calming sounds and journeys to help those who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks.

As a hereditary reader Rhonda offers intuitive guidance services as did her Grandfather who came from Russia in the 1920’s, as an adult, he read both ordinary playing cards and tarot. Carrying on her family’s mystic tradition,  Rhonda provides a unique form of reading she has named Angel Stone Readings.

Unique to White Flame Company this is an ancient stone reading technique, combining Rhonda’s Russian and Celtic heritage, offering  more than just your past, present and future…Rhonda had a NDE in 2010 when her car went off a ravine, airborne and backwards, after her accident her readings evolved to include mediumship, having brought this gift back from the other side.  Rhonda donates services for many charity organizations including the Y108/CHML Christmas Tree Of Hope gala, The Look Good Feel Better Campaign, Women In Law Build and many others!

Rhonda has been working with intuition since a young girl, with over 25 years of experience Rhonda will guide you to a place where there is not fear of the unknown but rather an inspiring space where you may discover the challenges you will face or the things that might be distracting you from your dreams and your true path.

Many corporate references and hundreds of reading reviews are available upon request. To book an appointment with Rhonda for Crystal Healing or Angel Stone Session please text her cell 905-870-6500.

*Please note that due to the nature of Rhonda’s accident in 2010 she struggles with memory loss so when booking appointments, know that sometimes things can fall through the cracks. If you are expecting a return call and do not get one, please call back until you have the appointment you desire, it is nothing personal, just a brain injury we all work with to accommodate here, please be understanding, she is very open about this and asks that we all help her stay on track*

Ron Pavlovich - Master Chandler

Chandler [noun] “maker or seller of candles, wax & soap” attested as a surname from late 13c. (also, from early 14c. “candle-holder;” see chandelier), from O.Fr. chandelier (2) “candle-maker, candle-seller; person in charge of lighting a household, monastery, etc.,” from L. candelarius, from candela “candle” (see candle). Native candleman is attested from mid-13c.

Ron Pavlovich is a master Chandler; he is one of two in Canada. There are also two in the U.S., others in Europe, Japan and Australia. As of November 2008 there were only seven worldwide!Ron Pavlovich, Master Chandler

He is very particular about his craft and has been hand making quality candles for White Flame since 1990 and continually comes up with new and beautiful designs; including our trademarked Party Bowl Candles. During the Christmas season, Ron (with a little assistance) produces over 10,000 candles every two weeks!
He is currently training his daughter, Rhonda, to follow the family tradition.