Owners Ron & Anne Pavlovich Just Returned From Instructing At The International Chandlers Conference

Just wait to you see what they have brought back to White Flame Company Hamilton!Ron Pavlovich, Master Chandler

Ron Pavlovich is one of only 7 Master Chandlers in the world!  Each year, Ron & Anne go to a conference in different States to meet with other Master Chandlers and share information, ideas, techniques and products.  This gathering is truly the best of the best where candlemaking (Chandling) is concerned.

As a result of the conference, we will be introducing in our store a candle which was originally produced exclusively for President Obama’s wife Michelle.  This elegant masterpiece will be handcrafted by Ron Pavlovich and will be on the shelves in time for Mother’s Day.

Watch for other surprises as Ron is busy at work making the best of the best for you!  Come in and see how Ron has combined his love of candlemaking with his daughter Rhonda’s love of Crystal Healing…Ron has just introduced his Beeswax & Amethyst Luminaries.  A beautiful candle that helps to put negative ions into the air.  The perfect start to our wellness month!

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