Positive Energy For The New Year! Stock Up On Sage Candles!

Our best selling fragrance now back in stock in pillars, t-lights, votives, diffusers and jar candles!

If you have never tried our most popular candle NOW is the time!  SAGE!  An ancient essence that is known for bringing positive energy into your home by removing negative or stale energy!  Who can’t use a little more positive energy in their home? This amazing herb has been used for centuries for “energy cleansing” which makes your environment “feel” better.

Our Sage candles are made with White Sage essential oil, one of the four sacred Native Medicines.  Not the “turkey sage” that many people imagine when they first hear of this powerful essence!  Our incredible Sage candles are fresh and clean and leave a “just scrubbed” essence and a beautiful bright energy in your home!  Many of our customers burn this fragrance daily and have said their homes just don’t “feel the same” without it!  Come in today, start this New Year with an essence that could change how you feel in your home or in your workplace!  Positive Energy ~ In a candle!  Try it!  We guarantee you will LOVE it or your money back!


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