Ron Pavlovich, Master ChandlerWhite Flame Company; where elegance and atmosphere come at factory outlet prices! Creators of premium wax products, fragrance, personal care and spa products, White Flame Company is a Canadian family owned business (in continuous operation since 1978). We still honour the ancient art of candle making – our Candles, both scented and unscented, are hand poured using cutting edge industry advancements by our founder & Master Chandler, Ron Pavlovich and now training to follow in his footsteps, his daughter Rhonda.

Continuous research and experimentation supports White Flame Company’s reputation as true innovators in the industry. The custom colours and scents developed with interior designers, fragrance companies and chemists are only available from White Flame! White Flame Company is a proud member of the International Guild Of Candle Artisans.  We have been honoured to make candles for such prominent people as Former President Bill Clinton, Actress Sophia Loren and Laurie Cabot of Salem Massachusetts.

We carry Hamilton’s largest selection of battery operated candles – many are actual wax pillars with LED lights that are safe, eco-friendly, long lasting and very hard to tell from the real thing!

Ghost CrystalDid you know we have one of the largest collections of semi-precious stones & crystals in Ontario? An assortment of over 2800 stones including one-of-a-kind pendants,  pyramids, bowling ball sized rainbow obsidian, crystal balls and one of the largest collections of “Lemurian Seed” crystals from tiny to over two feet long!

We also carry Meditation CDs and accessories, Tarot decks, Books, Statuary (Angels, Fairies, Saints, Mythology, Egyptian…), wonderful Native Medicines product line featuring 28% real essential oil (Sage, Sweetgrass, Lavender or Cedar), First Nations Dreamcatchers, Spirit Wheels, carvings, gifts and medicines, complete smudging packages, huge selection of incense, resins and our handcrafted Smudging Blend incense, Antiques & Home Decor, Jewellery…and more!

Workshops, Angel Stone Readings, Crystal Healing & Reiki offered and taught at all levels.