Psychic Reading and Healing Sampler Night Tonight…

Healing Week Continues At White Flame Company Come Out For A Mini Reading Or Healing Session, Reiki, Energy Clearing and so much more!!

Tonight is the night…come and experience what our wonderful students have to offer you!!!  Readings, Reiki, Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing…and for a wonderful cause!  There will be raffles and draws as well as 36 spots per hour of energy fun!!  All sessions amazingly priced at only $20.00.  Most earlier spots are booked but a few are remaining!  As well a special stone sale starts this evening and will run all week!  The store is open for this special event tonight from 6 to 8 pm (and if it is super crazy busy we will even stay right till 9pm!)  Hope to see you there!

For an appointment for this evening please text 905 870 6500.

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