Really SAFE candles that are not real? Can these elegant and atmospheric candles be the perfect gift for the Holidays? YES!

They are here! The Flickering Flame You Have All Been Waiting For! And Just In Time For Our 2012 Christmas Open House!

The candles with the real lit glow and flickering holgraphic flame that has everyone reaching out their hand in total disbelief! Go ahead…touch it!  Everyone in your home or business this holiday season will be amazed!  This is a fabulous product for staging, theater productions, Christmas pageants, realtors, those trying to sell a home in this difficult market economy and those of you wanting to have a cozy, warm glow in your home without the risk of fire, and now, with convenient timer features these candles are the elite and pinnacle of new battery candle design!  We were the first in the area to have these incredibly realistic and elegant candles but had sold out almost immediately and with demand so high restocking was delayed.

They are REAL-ly battery operated! And come with a timer option! The perfect gift for new Moms, new Grammas, and anyone who has small children in their home.  Consider these for daycare decorations, teacher gifts, church, school and senior’s home decorations and productions.  Safe…non toxic and, well the photo says it all!! Congrats all you new Moms and Dads, Grammas & Pappas. We welcome your new additions to your families and look forward to meeting them all this holiday season, as you know White Flame Company is buggy and stroller friendly with nice wide unobstructed aisles and lots of personal shopping assistance, perfect for the overworked new Moms and Dad’s…We even gift wrap! This solves all of your candle entertaining dilemmas.

Pet Lovers in your family?  Never know what to get them because of waggy tails and curious noses? Why not surprise them with one of these elegant candles?  Nice and weighty these survive running kitties, happy doggies and keep everyone happy and safe. These candles can allow Pet lovers to be candle lovers again…no singed whiskers or blackened paws with this candle! You know what to give the pet lovers in your life! Now with built in timer option, you would swear these are real…but they are NOT.  Now with five colours and six sizes to choose from these will get Rover’s seal of approval.  Do not delay and run into the disappointment of your preferred sizes and colours being sold out for the season!

Love to meditate?  Have a Reiki or Massage therapist in your family?  What a great gift for their office or healing room!  Safe and elegant these candles have a realistic flickering flame that looks so real you can use it for meditation or treatments without the risk of fire hazard. We use these candles exclusively in our Reiki and Crystal Healing.  If you love to have your favourite candle going to create a cozy relaxed atmosphere for your clients but are concerned with having lit candles in your treatment room, hospital space or home office?  This is truly the elegant alternative you have been waiting for!

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