Rhythm & Tides ~ A Moonlit Drum Circle

Rhythm & Tides ~ A Moonlit Beach Drumming Circle         June 9th, 2012   $10.00 donation

* Please note location update: Gazebo at the west end of Dundurn Castle parking lot

The summer is here and we are about to begin our outdoor event series.  Many of you have been hearing about these events since last summer and have been waiting long cold months for these nights out…it’s time to shed our winter coats and drum in the magic.

The moon moves into Aquarius and the colours of this day are the same as Guardian Angel Michael – violet & iridescent blue.  A new age outlook focuses on spiritual and humanistic conditions in the world. On the weekend, it’s better to connect with other people, or do a kindness for someone who needs tender loving care (so bring a friend or two). The moon and the tides move within us all.  Come celebrate the Aquarian Moon with a gentle drumming circle at the beach!  We will meet at the rear entrance of Hutch’s around 7:20 then move on to the beach…if you arrive later than “around 7:20″ just listen for the sounds of the tide and the ancient beat of the drum.

We will have special guest drummers joining us for a great night out ~ your $10.00 donation will compensate them and you will receive a wonderful gift of Summer Solstice incense and a teaching about the Summer Solstice and it’s special significance in 2012, all of this to help you prepare for a very magical shift this year.  A history-making Venus transit early in June promises the dawning of a new age. The Summer Solstice (Equinox) is on June 20 and the equinox officially ushers in the summer season. The Summer Solstice represents the point of balance for day and night. A peaceful day is important for the Solstice. This is a day to be sure significant relationships are well and intact. Harsh words or conflict could determine the climate of affairs for the next three months.  Our Summer Solstice incense is a communication and relationship enhancer…perfect for love in the Strawberry Summer Moon of 2012 <3  Join us for a wonderful celebration of all that moves within us!

As always our four legged friends are welcome but please be sure they are comfortable with the energy and sound of a drum circle, with small children and with lots of new friends and will refrain from singing too loudly (though we like that and tend to howl at the moon a little ourselves) some members/children of our community have a fear of furry friends with loud voices, leash laws need to be respected as we are at a City of Hamilton public beach.

Please RSVP on our Facebook page or text 905-870-650

Some helpful Do’s for our outdoor event series:

DO notify us of any health concerns:  anxiety, allergies (we have fully trained first aid present).

DO bring a cushion or blanket, a drum or some other percussion instrument.

DO bring your families, friends or your family’s friends!

Do bring refreshments!

Do refrain from smoking within workshop/drumming area due to health concerns of some of those present there will be no smoking requested within the immediate circle

We look forward to seeing you there!

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