Back To School Is Coming…Crystal Healing For Your Child

Carnelian ~ The Stone For Boosting Strength
and Self Confidence
~ By Rhonda Pavlovich

Well…everyone is thinking it. Back to school is coming up fast. With back to school comes excitement, anticipation…and sometimes nervousness. Parents worry about things like, “will their children do well in school”, “will they be loved and respected as they deserve?” Children worry about meeting the expectations of family, friends, teachers as well as their own personal dreams and desires. This week I will be posting stones that can help with some of the common problems that both children and adults can encounter at back to school time including stones to address anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, concentration/focus, energy and bullying.

So as you prepare your child’s back to school bag don’t forget to add a few stones! They will love having “special” or “lucky” stones with them and you know they will be soothed, protected and healed by the energy you send off with them! One of the stones no child should be without is Carnelian.

Carnelian is the stone that can assist in boosting courage and confidence. This makes it the ideal stone for children who are being picked on or bullied at school. Depending on colour chosen it can specifically target any of the lower three chakras…helping to ground and secure your child as well as strengthening their sense of “who they are” and reaffirming the feeling that “they are loved”. Carnelian also boosts physical energy helping to fight off sluggishness that we so often see when a child is facing something emotional that they do not want to face.

We have all experienced some form of bullying in our lives whether it was as children in school, or as adults in the work place, in the home with a spouse/partner or with family/friends. Carnelian helps to boost our self confidence, our self esteem and our physical energy. It also helps to heal the emotional trauma that we hold in our lower three chakras, healing the past memories of feeling “not good enough”, “second best”, “worthlessness” and “fearfulness”. A wonderful stone for boosting feelings of safety and security.

We have a great selection of Carnelian and would be happy to assist you in choosing the stone that is right for you!

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