STOP Sabotaging Your Life! With Kim Atkinson

Wednesday June 4th, 2014 7pm – 8pm  $25.00
No More Excuses ~ Learn How To Master Your Lifekim

Kim Atkinson is a motivational speaker, an inspirational life coach and a phenomenal human being!  If her name sounds familiar to you, you may have seen the pictures I have posted with Kim and her mentor/employer Bob Proctor (of The Secret).

Kim is going to spend an evening with us discussing strategies that kim 2can change your life.  Knowing Kim changed my life… so I have asked her to come and speak with you. Many of you have spoken to me regarding your dreams, maybe it is wanting to start a successful business, shedding those stubborn pounds or finding balance in your lives…asking questions like, how to move forward with your lives, how to stay motivated, how to see your goals become a reality that you live and enjoy daily… why not come out and get some answers!

This workshop will fill up very quickly. Call to book now! 905 385 7251

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