Buddha & GemstonesAt White Flame Company, health & wellness has always been a focus.  We specialize in products and services that have positive intent and positive energy. We offer holistic services and workshops to inspire, encourage and heal. We offer discounts to churches and ministries.

We have thousands of different gifts all themed Angelic, a huge portion of our over 3000sq foot store is devoted to Angel Gifts. Whether you are looking for an inspirational gift for a friend or an uplifting treat for yourself, if it is anything Angel you are looking for White Flame Company is definitely the place to find it!

We have an ever changing selection of healing books, CDs and DVDs with a wide range of topics from Developing Your Intuition, Healing With Crystals and Gemstones, Dream Interpretation, Angels and Guides, Native American studies and so many others! Now in stock a wonderful array of singing bowls, Tibetan wrist malas and specialty temple incense, hand selected for you by a Buddist Monk!  We have Buddha statues, Feng Shui items and a fantastic selection of  meditation books and CD’s.

We have Hamilton’s largest collection of hand selected crystals and gemstones!  Specializing Angel Stonesin Crystal Healing and Reiki, Rhonda Pavlovich hand selects every stone that goes into White Flame Company.  Each stone is cleansed and just brimming with positive energy! Crystals have been proven to emit negative ions which have shown to reduce EMF’s in your home or workplace.  Looking for a special stone that you just cannot find?  We provide text support for this and Rhonda is available to answer your questions either in person or by text messaging 905-870-6500.

We carry pure, unpasteurized, local honey and beeswax, pure Canadian maple syrup, natural beeswax candles, natural soy candles and Himalayan (Pink) Rock Salt candle holders & lamps. White Flame is also an authorized Lampe Berger dealer (ask us about this unique and historical wellness product). 

Rhonda Pavlovich is a Master healer in the traditions of Reiki, Crystal Healing and our exclusive Angel Stone readings. Call, visit or contact us below for an appointment or more information. Angel Stone Readings are unique to White Flame Company. This ancient stone reading technique offers more than your past, present and future; discover your Angel Guardians or Guides through these informative, healing sessions. Having worked with her intuition since a child, Rhonda will guide you to a place of inspiration & discovery; learn to face and overcome the challenges that might be distracting you from your dreams and your true path.