Meet Sifu Edward Fregonese ~ Qi Gong Instructor/ Healer

“Manifesting the Power of Healing From Within”

Qi Gong (chi kung) translates as “Energy Work” or “Breath Work” and is a system of the Chinese Internal Arts that includes Tai Chi, Meditation, and breath exercises. These practices are designed to enhance and cultivate your Life Force Energy promoting health, wellness and longevity. Practicing Qi Gong balances and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit through special movements, meditation (intention) and breath. Many medical research studies have proven it’s effectiveness in treating arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, inflammation, stess and many other conditions both chronic and acute.

As Qi (chi) moves through the body, it clears out old charges that may no longer serve your highest good and establishes new patterns that lead to better physical, emotional and mental health. Qi Gong practice, over time, can have profound long-term effects on your mind-body composition – ending a cycle of reaction and entering a cycle of creation.

With continued practice, you may start to realize your new found ability to access higher realms of awareness that were not present before. In addition, you may find that deep physical, mental and emotional pain or blockages disappear.

These classes are designed to introduce the student to the basic theories of energy cultivation as well as methods of strengthening the body’s protective energy field. Benefits include: stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improved lung and heart function, relieves hot flashes, PMS, regulates hormones, relieves tension, cures insomnia, increases vitality and energy, slows ageing, restores emotional equilibrium, regulates nerve function, strengthens the body’s immune system and promotes healthy circulation.

Sifu Edward creates a sacred space with each class, taught in our peaceful Zen inspired centre. Every class includes a teaching to inspire you and help you along your path. The goal is for you to become intimately aware of how your Energy flows within and all around you.

Space is limited so please RSVP if you intend to join us so that we may set up the space accordingly. Sifu Edward Fregonese hosts weekly classes on Thursdays.  Cost for this class is $20.00. “To your abundant chi and good health.”