White Flame Company Hamilton Is Launching It’s New Kitchen Line ~ Fragrances For Foodies

This April at our annual Spring Open House and Wellness Week Be Prepared For The Extraordinary!   April 27 ~ 29, 2012

We are launching our latest line of essences.  A wonderful line of essential oil collections from around the globe for you to enjoy in your home kitchen or restaurant for that instant gourmet atmosphere!  Enjoy our Garden Thyme, Tuscan Garden, Zen Tea, Lemongrass Dreams and Thai Basil.

These essences are sure to set an elegant mood, they are designed to relax, intrigue and inspire.  Available in Votive Candles, Tealights, Simmers, Room Sprays and just in time for Mother’s Day Hand Lotion and Luxury Kitchen Soap.  Made from our outstanding quality, all of these essences are sure to calm the mind and invigorate the spirit.  Come for our Spring Open House and Wellness Week and try something new!

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