imagesOriginally located in a circa 1915 apiary, Pavlovich Place opened in 1977.  This store became a landmark and continues today as White Flame Company.  Customers, along with family and friends, became a part of the culture at Pavlovich Place. To this day customers still recall the beautifully renovated and restored three story wood “barn” that was like taking a step back into history.  Hand finished right down to hand polished barn board panelling with old original square nails Pavlovich Place was a one of a kind experience.Pavlovich Place was one of the few Ontario specialists in antique lighting, people came from a variety of locations to source this rare service of parts and restoration. Still an exclusive area of the antique world, Ron continues to provide this service to White Flame customers. 

1-Rustic-Vintage-DecorWe have brought many of the charming and traditional elements of Pavlovich Place with us to White Flame Company, but, we do still miss the atmosphere and the history of our roots to this day. Tradition was everything to the customers and friends of Pavlovich Place. Each Christmas would see an Open House that took a journey back in time, with hot cider and Granny’s home-made cookies served by the fire, every year the entire shop would take on a different theme from Victoriana to Rustic. White Flame customers will reminisce about these memorable occasions. We continue this tradition today but with a little different flavour… In 1990, we started creating hand-made candles, a natural link to antique lighting.

WebsiteRon Pavlovich is one of less than a handful of Certified Master Chandlers in the world, his daughter will be joining him in his craft having completed 19 levels and is now a Certified Chandler aiming for her Master’s Level. White Flame was the name of a (now defunct) 1860 Lamp Company out of the U.S. We liked it and used the name for our lamp oil. Eventually it became our new company name! Today, White Flame specializes in unique handmade candles, home decor, handmade jewellery, crystals & gemstones, antiques, healing and related workshops.


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Ron Pavlovich - Master Chandler