Workshop Lineup For Healing Teas & Herbal Healing ~ Sunday August 19th 12-5 pm

This Sunday A Free Day of Workshops All Relating To Healing Teas, Herbs and Healthy Brews                                                      

12- 5 pm with Wendy Behenna & Rhonda Pavlovich

Don’t miss out on out free workshops running at four different times!

We will be running free workshops at 12, 2, 3 and 4pm on the making of Healthy Brews, Incenses and Healing Teas.  Work with Wendy Behenna of Distinctly Tea on creating your own Healthy Brew! Purchase teas, herbs and goodies from Wendy to make your own brews, blends and incenses, these we do not carry in our store on a regular basis they will be available tomorrow, for one day only.   Learn how to create you own Healing Teas both Iced and Hot.  Find out which herbs can aid in digestion, weight loss and insomnia.  Learn how to make great healing incenses with bulk herbs available for sale tomorrow as Rhonda Pavlovich takes you into the world of handcrafting your own blends.

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