Dowsing 101 ~ The Art Of The Pendulum

Friday, September 15th,edwardiandowsing 7pm ~ 9pm

Want to learn more about pendulums? Did you know you can clear your home, your workspace and your chakras with a pendulum? This informative class combines healing, spirituality and science!

Come out to this informative and fun class on everything dowsing.The main focus will be on pendulums and how to connect with them for answers, confirmation, inspiration, healing and fun!  Learn to use divining rods, pendulums and charts. Explore the ancient art of divination with pendulums. A pendulum can be borrowed for this class or there are over 50 available for purchase.

Cost for this two hour class is $20.00.

See calendar for more great events!

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Christmas Open House and Fandangle MEGA Sale!

Friday Nov 11th noon to 7pm, Sat Nov 12th noon to 5pm, Sunday Xmas-150x150November 13th, 11 to 5 pm and Monday November 14th 10am to 7 pm

This weekend only, our 40th annual Christmas Open House!  Come celebrate with us!  Also Fandangle will be here setting up their semi precious jewellery and accessories MEGA sale!! Want to do all of your shopping early?  We have all of our Christmas fragrances, great holiday giftware AND Fandangle all in one weekend!!!

PLEASE note because as a family and as a company we observe Remembrance Day we will not be starting our sale till after noon please do not come early unless you wish to join us in observing the two minute silence at 11 am.

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50-percentMaybe you already have your invite to our exclusive 50% off sale? Maybe you are sad you didn’t read your email or you didn’t know.  Well, don’t fret you can still get your invite right up to Saturday night (but if you wait that long you will miss the first blowout night on Friday!)  Here is how it works – it is a 50/50 sale , meaning sometime between now and Saturday at 5 if you come into the store and spend $50.00 you get your very own exclusive invite to our after hours 50% off sale.  Sip a glass of wine while you browse without thousands of people, and with tons of helpful staff… imagine all of the things you look at and are not in the budget NOW 50% off! 

Again, you must make a $50.00 purchase before taxes before Saturday when the store closes (thought it is better to do it before Friday so you can come Friday night too!) Friday and Saturday from 5-9pm you get to shop our entire inventory including tons of new stock that we are putting out at 50% off! 

Remember no invite, no entry…this is an invite only sale and the only way to get that invite is to come into the store and make a $50.00 before tax purchase!  That makes our prices BELOW wholesale and in many cases BELOW COST!  So why are we doing it??  WE NEED ROOM!!  Christmas stock is coming and we want to have plenty of new shineys to offer you!

Because of this sale and so many future sales we will be running… NO REFUNDS! NO EXCHANGES…NO EXCEPTIONS!  ALL SALES FINAL!

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HUGE OMG you don’t want to miss this!!! 50/50 SALE!!! READ BELOW!


THIS weekend only!!!  September 23th, 24th, 25th and 26th.  You have the opportunity to get a special invite! Come in and shop this weekend and with any $50.00 or over purchase (before taxes) YOU GET AN EXCLUSIVE INVITE!

Imagine being able to come in to our store after hours, have a glass of wine… relax in our awesome atmosphere …AND GET 50% OFF ANYTHING *NO* EXCEPTIONS!! THAT is what your invite will gain entrance to!

Again, here is how you do it.  This weekend only come into the store and make any purchase of $50.00 or more before taxes and get a special invite to shop after hours Sept 30th 5-9 pm and October 1st, 5-9pm.  IMAGINE 50% OFF ON THE THINGS YOU HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF BUT MAYBE COULD NOT BUDGET FOR!!!


This includes ALL crystals and stones that are for sale, ALL Lampe Berger, candles, oils, diffusers,

YOU NAME IT!!! We will not be accepting any returns until October 5th, thank you! Also to make it fair for everyone we will not be accepting layaway or holds till October 5th. This sale does not apply to existing holds and layaways this is on STORE STOCK ONLY!

IMPORTANT: No invite NO entry.  This sale is only by invite only.  To get YOUR invite come in this weekend starting today and spend $50.00 before taxes.  DO NOT FORGET YOUR INVITE NEXT WEEKEND OR NO ENTRY! NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Huge Crystal Skull and Tumbled Stone Sale This weekend ONLY!

Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday 12:00pm to 4:00 pm
Cash and carry sale!!skulls

Almost a thousand crystal skulls are on sale!  Largest collection!  HUGE SALE!!! Hundreds of tumbled stones from just $1.00 Please free to share this event and invite your Crystal Loving friends!!! This sale is on ALL tumbled stones and ALL crystal skulls in the event room! This is ALL NEW STOCK!! Exciting? You bet!!! Great deals for kids who love stones from $1.00!!!!!! ALL items in the event room are CASH and CARRY ONLY!!!

Crystal Skulls are a reflection of the perfection in mankind. They are ancient computers, programmed helpers which have answers fitted tidily within them to many of your trepidation, puzzles and questions. They represent healing and transformation and despite some people’s initial reluctance to work with a skull shaped crystal (media, television programming) we often are intrigued and then when educated on their incredible positive energy ~ we become a Crystal Skull fan!

Working with crystal skulls you become aware almost immediately that this is a powerful and high calling of energies. In actual fact, a crystal skull is often more likely to find and choose you!

When choosing crystals, most people, will hold them in the hand to feel whether the energy of the stone resonates. The same works for skulls but it goes deeper than that. You can see a skull, either in person or in a picture, and know instantly in your soul that it is the one meant for you. You may also receive messages from the skull, or signs or synchronicity telling you something, You may also feel strongly drawn to working with a particular crystal and want to have it carved in skull form.

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Encore Sale! Lapis, Jade, Onyx, Peridot and Ruby (and more!) Long weekend only!

Because so many of you have asked we are extending our sale to include tomorow and Sunday!  lapis aGREAT deals on Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Onyx, Peridot, Ruby and so much more!  Saturday 10 – 5, Sunday 12 – 4 !  Wholesale prices!  Amazing deals!  See you there!!!

Come out and experience the finest in Lapis Lazuli and Nephrite Jade, Serpentine Jade and more as we have our incredible private collection sale! These are the premiere stones for Crystal Healing, they bring abundance, health and blessings to your home! This collection is being sold at once in a lifetime prices and as this is a “trunk sale” cash and carry policy applies, no holds, layaway or credit/debit transactions on these items! ALL items that are on sale will be in our events room and these are the ONLY items that will be on sale this weekend! The rest of the store is regular price lampsand regular sales methods apply. Both Jade and Lapis Lazuli are getting harder to find especially in this incredible quality and size of pieces being offered! With that being said, yes we will have huge collector pieces but also smaller items so everyone can afford to own some of this incredible collection! Want to learn more about Lapis and Jade and their healing properties come out. In addition to these amazing stones we will have other cool stones on sale!! The sale starts at 10 am Saturday and runs till Sunday at 4 pm. I have NEVER seen a collection like this! Thousands of items, Jade massage stones, Lapis spheres, huge tumbled Lapis and Huge Jade and Lapis carvings! Both Jade and Lapis are recommended in Feng Shui for your home! Want to learn more? Follow my Facebook page this week for more exciting updates, photos of sale items and so much more!!

Also $20.00 cash and carry deal on salt lamps!

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SALE tomorrow! LAPIS and JADE… and now MORE!!

Ok so here is how things go for tomorrow…you may want to share this….just so your friends will be still lapis aspeaking to you on Monday.  ALL Stones in our event room are…ARE YOU READY? 50% off. PLUS spend $50.00 save 10% on all additional purchase in the event room. Spend $100.00 ~ 15%. Spend $200.00 ~ 20%  $500.00  ~ 25% …yup… we are crazy but it is a good crazy. Remember to hit the bank as this crazy sale is cash and carry!!

Everything else in the store is available in all of our usual convenient payment options, debit, credit etc…

Here is where things get really fun!!!  When you spend $200.00 or more in our sale room (trust me you will want everything!) you will get a coupon for 20% off ANYTHING in the entire store all weekend!  That’s right ANYTHING!!!  So see you at the sale!!!  Doors open at noon!

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